Used by over 50,000 mothers, exercising with Aniball has been proven to be of benefit before, during and after birth.

How Anibal Works?

Aniball's great effectiveness is based on stretching and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles by using thoroughly tested and uniquely shaped balloon. Aniball positively stimulates the vaginal muscles and improves elasticity of the birth canal during prenatal preparation. It was developed in cooperation with doctors and medical experts across the Europe.

By exercising with Aniball, you practice the alternating tension and relaxation of the perineum. It prepares your muscles for the newborn’s delivery, effectively reducing the risk of tearing and episiotomy and shortening the second stage of labour.

Using the device after childbirth regenerates the muscles in the pelvic area, which reduces leakage a few months immediately after birth and the possibility of incontinence later on.

Aniball Description

Aniball is simple, yet sophisticated medical aid for home use. It was thoroughly tested and tweaked to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Aniball consists of:
1. Inflatable balloon made of medical silicone
2. Mechanical pump
3. Tube
4. Connecting reduction
5. Two-way valve

Start using Aniball from completed 36 weeks of pregnancy. Gently insert the balloon, inflate it to a comfortable size and exercise for 10-15 minutes per day. Instructions and exercises can be found in the Aniball manual, included with every purchase.

Aniball can't stretch you permanently, nor cause premature birth or other complications. See FAQ for more details.

Aniball offers several exercises focused on your needs. Not only can you exercise before your labour to help prevent tearing and episiotomy but it can also be used for postnatal regeneration and as a prevention of incontinence.

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Prepare for a natural childbirth and look forward to this life-affirming experience without fear.

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Buy Aniball Amazon

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